About Our Products

Evergreen helps protect common and uncommon assets. We understand that each situation is unique, and we work to tailor our products to precisely what you need.

Commercial lines


Insure your property/physical assets from losses from a wide range of events.


This insurance covers damages caused by a business or its employees.

Excess / Umbrella

A supplementary policy that covers the limitations of other existing policies

Personal lines


Insurance policy for non-primary owner occupied homes (e.g. rental homes).

Home Owner Insurance

This policy covers your expensive real-estate and other luxury assets.

Residential flood

Protect your residence and real-estate from floods with this insurance plan.

Specialty Insurance

Special Events

Insurance which covers any short-term public and private events.

Cyber Security

Protection from losses due to damages from a breach in computer networks.

Commercial Flood

This insurance covers losses to property damaged due to floods.

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