Evergreen offers a range of rapid quoting personal line products including dwelling, non-standard homeowners’, flood, umbrella and other property coverages. We offer access to multiple admitted and non-admitted carriers in order to provide a policy to cover most personal risks covering private collections to high value homes.


Dwellings insurance is a type of property insurance that covers losses and liabilities to a person’s residence, as well as their possessions and other properties. Liability compensation is provided in homeowner’s insurance against incidents that occur in the home or on the property.

High Value Homeowner's Insurance

A standard homeowner’s insurance is possibly insufficient for homeowners who own expensive homes and have a large net worth. High-value home owner’s insurance is customized to the needs of such homeowners who have expensive real-estate. The policies have higher property coverage limits and offers better protection for owner and their assets.

Residential flood

Damage caused due to floods to real-estate is very expensive costing home owners a lot of dollars. This insurance provides coverage for flood damage and is an excellent policy for home owners with expensive properties.

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