Insurance can cover not only the regular everyday things but also anything that is special and unique. The items that come under this policy hold a certain value for our customers and therefore liable to be covered against any loss to the owner.

Special Events

Insurance for special events covers any public and private event against any physical injury at the event and any property damage claims.

Cyber Security

Evergreen can help you solve complexities across multiple areas including ransomware, big data regulations, credential monitoring and more with specific offerings around cybersecurity. This is especially critical as cyber threats continue to mount on both business as well as personal levels, especially in a post pandemic remote working scenario.

Commercial flood

Evergreen continues to monitor the ongoing discussion and debate on the insurance rates related to climate change induced flood and hurricane coverage. At the same time, we stand ready to help your clients navigate the many uncertainties that this sector throws up.

Pollution Insurance

Evergreen helps bring attention to the potentially unseen hazards of environmental exposures by helping your clients navigate and tailor their coverage needs. This will be a great way to keep them covered in an ever expanding world where regulations are scrambling to keep up.

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